Collection: BC Garn - Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the big sister of the beautiful Bio Balance yarn, only Norhtern Light exists of 80% pure wool and 20% Silk instead of Pure wool and cotton like with the Bio Balance. The 20% Silk gives nice highlights in the yarn like the Northern lights. The yarn is suitable for clothes or other projects that you can use inside and outside and it can be used for the sensitive skin of adults, children and babies.  Because is GOTS certified, you can be sure that while making this yarn the focus is on a good environment and sustainability. Parts of this proces are the dying proces, minimal waste of water and how much energy is used and what kind of energy, but also if the company is following appropiate social and labor related aspects of the manufacturing process. 

The wool is mulesing-free and comes from South America. The silk comes from India.  

The yarn is a non-superwash yarn, which means it will felt in the washingmachine. So you better wash it by hand in handwarm water with a wool detergent. Ands when finished with washing, dry it flat. 

Made of 80% organic materials - gecertificeerd door BCS 25956